Theratouch, Ltd. provides a variety of massage therapy services to satisfy the needs of our patients and corporate clients.

We offer stress management and wellness programs including: Corporate Chair Massage and Therapeutic Massage Treatments.

Theratouch can help with the following:

Reduce pain and improve normal functioning
Reduce stress and improve overall well being
Relieve physical problems associated with repetitive tasks
Improve alertness and ability to focus
Help relieve common problem conditions such as tension headaches, backaches, eye and neck strain, and stiff and sore muscles
Improve immune system functioning for better general health and resistance to colds and other illness

Theratouch, Ltd. is a certified provider by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation and by numerous Medical Network Groups. Click here to view our insurance network.

Theratouch, Ltd. was founded by Efim Scherbakov, who is internationally certified in massage therapy and has over 15 years of experience in multiple massage techniques. Efim also instructs at the Ohio College of Massotherapy.

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